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Farm to School

“Farm to School: Parents Dig It!”

2016 | Colorado Farm to School

This short blog post shares how parents can become involved to make feasible farm to school change happen in their district.

2017 SNAP-Ed Plan Guidance


This extensive SNAP-Ed planning guide has components that can be adapted to farm to school project planning including budget templates, evaluation resources, PSE project ideas and many other resources focused on child nutrition.

7 Ways To Appreciate Your Volunteers

2012 | Volunteer Match

Volunteer Match shares a few great tips on how to appreciate volunteers during their service or afterwards in recognition events. Volunteer Match is also a great resource to list volunteer postings onto.

A Farm Field Trip Guide: A Hands on Curriculum for Farm Based Education

2012 | Cornell University Farm to School Outreach

This in-depth guide covers all the basics in planning a farm field trip. Tips for farmers and teachers are particularly helpful. Furthermore, there are 19 unique farm focused lesson plans that can easily be adapted to most farm topics.

A Toolkit for Institutional Purchasers Sourcing Local Food from Distributors

Farm to Institution New England

This toolkit is designed to assist institutional purchasers in communicating with a current or potential distributor about meeting the institution’s need for both product and tracking reports that document local and sustainable purchases

About: We Get Kids Green

Wellness in the Schools

The Green for Kids program supports gardening in schools and combines with environmental education sessions to encourage nutrition education for students. Food grown in the gardens are often used in school salad bars and lunches.

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