The Building Capacity for Obesity Prevention Project (BCOP) is a partnership between Case Western Reserve University, Mary Ann Swetland Center for Environmental Health, The Ohio State University, SNAP-Ed program, and the Ohio Department of Health, Creating Healthy Communities program.

This website was designed with guidance from SNAP-Ed and public health practitioners in Ohio to promote successful implementation of community nutrition Policy, System, and Environmental (PSE) programs. We provide support to Assess, Plan, and Act based on local readiness and capacity.


You can take the online PSE Readiness Assessment and Decision Instrument (READI) to assess your community’s readiness and capacity to implement community nutrition PSEs. You can either take the assessment as an individual or invite community members to share their input in a team assessment. To get started, create an account or go to My Account if you are a return visitor, and learn how to complete a PSE READI by visiting the PSE Training page.

The four different Ohio PSE READIs currently available include:


After completion of your PSE READI, we will provide a report with three recommendations tailored to your community. These recommendations will help you plan next steps and guide community nutrition PSE implementation.


BCOP has organized over 1,000 toolkits, guides, and other PSE Resources into an online library to help you put your community nutrition plan into action.

The PSE READI is part of the USDA’s national SNAP-Ed Toolkit, a one-stop shop for organizations seeking programs to improving nutritional health in their communities.