Community Nutrition PSEs In Action

BCOP currently focuses on four community nutrition PSEs recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, SNAP-Ed program and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as other agencies and organizations. Watch the videos below to see how different communities in Ohio have worked to integrate nutrition related PSEs into their communities. To learn more about PSEs, see our FAQ section.

Farmers' Market

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Farmers’ Market Challenges: Barriers to Farmers

Practitioners discuss barriers, challenges, and common misconceptions they have had to address at their farmers' market. Adequate pricing, public transportation, and farmer recruitment are a few examples of challenges that lie in the way of creating inclusive and successful farmers markets.

Community Engagement and Support for Farmers’ Markets

This video looks at the Coit Road Farmers' Market, in Cleveland, Ohio, as a case study on adapting a market to best serve the surrounding community. Coit Road Farmers' Market has the highest SNAP/EBT redemption rate in Cuyahoga County. They share ideas and resources needed for community buy in and engagement.

Food Demonstrations at Farmers’ Markets

Cooking demonstrations are a valuable way for community members to build confidence and develop cooking skills. Learn ideas on how to structure cooking demonstrations that promote not only new skills and good food but success of the participants.

Marketing Strategies for SNAP EBT Programs at Farmers’ Markets

Practitioners share strategies and ideas for marketing SNAP/EBT availability at farmers' markets. Connecting with community partners and using varied marketing methods are highly recommended.

SNAP EBT Logistics at a Farmers’ Market

This video provides advice and ideas on mastering SNAP/EBT logistics. It outlines the steps to procuring an EBT machine, permits, and the equipment. The Canal Market District's experience in Newark, Ohio shows that partnerships, support, and time are key ingredients to make a farmer's market SNAP/EBT ready.

Ideas for Engaging the Community with a Farmers’ Market

The Market Manager of the Gateway 105 Farmers' Market, in Cleveland Ohio, shares the many techniques they used for community engagement, such as activities for children, special events for women or seniors, and a holistic health fair. This community farmers' market has seen a positive shift in the community's ownership of the market and health decisions.

Perceptions of a Community- Based Farmers’ Market

The Gateway 105 Farmers' Market, in Cleveland Ohio, is a community-based market, or as one vendor started, "everything is people from the area, providing for the area." Share in their success and learn about the value of growing a farmers' market with the community and for the community.

Nutrition Incentive Programs: Produce Perks at Farmers’ Markets

The Gateway 105 Farmers' Market, in Cleveland Ohio, is a part of a county-wide farmers' market nutrition incentive program, "Produce Perks." In this video, vendors and customers discuss the health and economic benefits of a farmers' market-based nutrition incentive program.

Nutrition Incentive Programs: Produce Prescription Advice and Challenges

Partners of the NEON Gateway 105 Farmers' Market in Cleveland, Ohio Produce Prescription Program share produce prescription challenges such as patient inclusion/enrollment, funding, data collection, buy-in, and accessibility.

Starting a Produce Prescription Program at a Farmers’ Market

This video provides an introduction to the Produce Prescription program at the NEON Gateway 105 Farmers' Market, in Cleveland Ohio. The market decided to bring produce to the patient by moving their location to the partnering medical clinic. As a result, patient health is improving and the Produce Prescription program is growing.

Healthy Eating in Childcare

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Healthy Eating in Childcare: Advice & Challenges

Childcare practitioners at the Sandusky YMCA share ideas and challenges with implementing healthy food in a childcare setting. Start small, tackle one thing at a time, and keep trying are three key pieces of advice.

Incorporating Healthy Meals into a Childcare Center

Practitioners at the Sandusky YMCA share the steps they took to successfully create a healthy food in their childcare center. Moving to whole grains, eliminating flavored milks, eating family style, having a healthy food curriculum, and sending home recipes are just a few examples of the important transition they have made in implementing healthy food in a childcare setting.

Healthy Food Retail

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Healthy Corner Store Initiatives: Partnerships and Collaboration

Lucas County practitioners share the many partnerships involved in their healthy corner store initiative. By collaborating, the program is able to overcome challenges and facilitate sustainable initiatives.

Advice from Corner Store Owners

Corner store owners discuss why they started selling healthy food and how it has benefited both their store and their community. They share advice on implementation, engaging customers and marketing themselves as a healthy corner store.

Healthy Corner Stores: The Value of Collaboration & Partnership

This video highlights the partnerships and strategies for implementing healthy food options at corner stores. Working collaboratively and working hard pays off!

Farm to School

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Strengthening Farm to School PSE Projects through Partnerships

In Lucas County, three program areas have worked together to create a collaborative plan for farm to school. By partnering, the farm to school programs are tailored to each school and community's interests and resources.

Tips for Sustaining a Successful School Garden

Learn what it takes to create and sustain a successful school garden program. OSU Extension Master Gardeners and educators share lessons learned and the resources, time, talents, space and logistics needed to keep the school garden program at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in Cleveland, Ohio, running year round.

Volunteer Engagement: Contributions to School Garden Success

This video highlights the resources and partnerships needed to implement the successful school garden at Benjamin Franklin Elementary in Cleveland, Ohio. OSU Extension Master Gardeners and educators discuss the value of the school garden and ways the curriculum enhances children's lives.