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Farmers' Market

ANDHII Surveys Mobile App

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics offers a suite of web-based tools, including the Health Informatics Infrastructure (ANDHII) platform and the ANDHII Surveys mobile app. The ANDHII Surveys app helps to collect community assessment and program monitoring and evaluation data and syncs data collected on mobile devices with the ANDHII web application. A data file may be exported for analysis and reporting purposes. For more information, write to

Apple Street Market: Our Story

Apple Street Market

The Apple Street Market is an example of a food cooperative made up of comunity members, the Northside Farmer's Market, nonprofit organizations, and investors working together to open a full-service grocery store in Cincinnati. This co-op began as a response to grocery stores being removed from the neighborhood, creating a food desert affecting five neighboring communities. This viable model for grocery stores can be used in low food access neighborhoods to not only increase access to healthy and fresh foods but provide sustainable jobs to community members. The co-op is also working on providing transportation so community members can frequent the market.

Apples Take a Healthy Bite!

2005 | U.S. Apple Association

This brochure is all about apples! Learn about nutrition facts, tips to add apples to your diet, the difference between apple varieties, and recipes incorporating apples.

Apply to Make a Difference: Farmers’ Market Promotion Program Grants Available

2012 | United States Department of Agriculture

The USDA Farmers’ Market Promotion Program offers grants to eligible programs and projects focused on expanding healthy food choices and access for all individuals. This article discusses previous grantee projects, how to find out more about the grant, and how to apply.

Attracting SNAP Customers to your Farmers Markets

2013 | USDA FNS

This resource focuses on providing marketing ideas to attract SNAP customers to your farmers’ markets, including tips on market signage, creating flyers, and other promotional ideas.

Attracting Vendors and Customers to Rural Farmers Markets

2009 | University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

This fact sheet focuses on strategies to attract farmers to your market and strategies to sustain vendors at your farmers’ market long term.

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