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Farmers' Market

Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program

Sustainable Agriculture

The Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program (BFRDP) is a federal program dedicated to training new farmers and ranchers so they can be best prepared to start and run a successful farm operation. The program is grant funded. Information on past projects and how to apply can be found within the resource.

Best Practices for Sampling at Farmers’ Markets: A Practical Guide for Farm Market Vendors

2012 | UK College of Agriculture

This resource is intended to be a functional handbook on food product sampling for farmers’ market vendors across the United States. Sampling at farmers’ markets is beneficial to vendor success, customer retention, and overall farmers’ market promotion.

Boulder County Focus Group Guide for SNAP Market Shoppers

2016 | Farmers Market Coalition, Boulder County Colorado

This resource links to a guide for hosting a focus group at farmers’ markets to assess the knowledge, barriers, and resources needed to encourage SNAP recipients to shop at farmers’ markets

Building a Relationship with Your State Agriculture Department

2016 | National Nutrition Incentive Network

This brief provides ideas for innovative collaborations with your state’s agriculture department to support the success of farmers’ markets and promote incentive programs, plus steps on how to get in touch with the department and build a lasting relationship.

Building Partnerships

2013 | Farmers' Markets of Nova Scotia

Building relationships and engaging the community are essential components for a successful farmers’ market. This resource goes into detail about ideas for community partnerships, ways to gain community support, and steps to get started building relationships.

Cent$ible Nutrition Program

University of Wyoming Extension

CNP is a free cooking and nutrition program in Wyoming that can help you cook and eat better for less money. It reaches out to people using or eligible for SNAP benefits. CNP offers classes for both adults and children with a curriculum made up of 17 hands-on lessons. This website provides resources used in the class and a variety of CNP resources - the classes can be viewed at

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