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Each PSE READI should focus on a specific target area or community. Think about the specific target area or community that you would like to assess with this PSE READI. Please select one choice that best represents this target area or community. The area that you select will be the area that you will think about when answering questions on the PSE READI.

Step 1: Select County that will be the focus of this PSE READI

Select one county from the drop-down below.

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Step 2: Define a Specific Target Area or Community Within This County

Please select one choice that best represents the target area or community within the county you selected.

Entire County or Choose specific areas within your county below:

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Step 3: Name your PSE READI

Please give this target area or community a name and enter it below. This name will become the name of this PSE READI. You will answer the questions on the PSE READI with this specific location in mind. You can take a PSE READI for as many different areas as you like and each will be given a different name. The name you provide for the PSE READI will appear on your PSE READI report and will be stored in your user account so you can easily identify it in the future.

Enter the name for this PSE READI:

Example: “Collinwood Neighborhood”


Will you be taking this PSE READI as an individual or as a team?

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